Stain Removal

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Even the most durable surfaces

are subject to the unexpected.  

Majority of stains can be removed by applying a *poultice

unto a stone surface to remove the stain back from

the stone. Poultice is prepared as an absorbent material

from powders such as clays (kaolin, fullers earth), talc,

chalk, sepiolite, diatomaceous earth, and methyl cellulose

and mix with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide,

or mineral spirits.

Preparing and Applying a Poultice


The first step is to carefully examine all spots, paying extra

attention to those stained areas that are not immediately

visible to the eye.

The stained area should be cleaned using a *stone cleaner.

If the affected area has any coatings such as wax or acrylic,

make sure it is carefully removed.

STEP 2        

After the affected area has been cleaned, wet the stained

area with distilled water to fill the pores of the stone.

This allows chemicals to stay in contact with the stain

and do its work.


If using a poultice powder, mix it with a chosen chemical

(30-50% hydrogen peroxide or mineral spirits) into a thick

paste about the consistency of a toothpaste.

Carefully apply the poultice to the stained area about

¼ to ½ inch thick, spreading it several inches over the stain

for the possibility that the stain is spread further into

the stone than it appears.


Cover the poultice with plastic and tape the edges to seal it,

so that it is prevented from drying up too quickly. A low contact

masking tape is recommended.


The poultice should be left to dry 24 to 48 hours. The drying

process is what pulls the stain out. After about 24 hours,

remove the plastic and allow the poultice to dry.


After the poultice is thoroughly dry, carefully scrape

it off with a razor blade or small knife. Any residue of poultice

can be cleaned with water and neutral cleaner. Wipe dry with

a soft cloth.


Examine the area.  If the stain is not removed, repeat

the procedure.

*Poultice powders, chemicals can be purchased at any home

improvement stores. 

*Stone cleaners can be purchased through stone suppliers,

or at any home improvement stores.  
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